Welcome to ICCMO

The ICCMO is learning institution dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in the field of Osteopathy, Specific structural course for scoliosis treatment and more

The ICCMO is recognized by:
Ontario Professional Association of Osteopathic Medicine

The Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practice have extensive training in manual osteopathic practice. They treat patients using manual techniques only.
Osteopaths in Canada receive a minimum of 3000 hours of post graduate education or have taken a full time three years degree program. A minimum of 200 hours of clinical training is also included in this education if the course is post graduate and up to 3000 hours if undergraduate. Each graduate is required to produce an original piece of research work and dissertation in front of an international jury.

Diploma Program:

Our programs are designed by Dr. Still, A.T. some of the best in the profession allowing you to understand a new way of thinking. Our curriculum meets international standards for osteopaths that are being developed by the World Osteopathic Health Organization (WOHO).

  • Focusing on clinical analysis of patients conditions students will learn how to develop the strategy of osteopathic treatment approaches
  • Only the most effective manual treatment techniques will be taught
  • A European teaching method will be utilized, along with modern technology, detailed handouts, and small number of participants, to achieve the great skillfulness of all hands-on techniques
  • Case presentations, mini-conferences and patient demonstrations will be included in each module
Both osteopathic and complementary approaches will be used