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The first visit to an osteopath

will take around 45 minutes to complete

Complete full case medical history

A complete full case medical history is taken and questions asked about lifestyle, diet and emotional status. The osteopath will want to hear about all symptoms, as well as details of any past accidents or traumas, even if they may seem unrelated to the patient's current problem.

Detailed structural assessment

First appointment posture examination

The patient may be asked to remove some outer clothing and to perform some simple movements. This is so the osteopath can observe how the patient is using their body, identify any obvious mobility impairment and evaluate posture. Neurological and orthopaedic tests help the osteopath to eliminate possible underlying pathologies and differentiate the basis of the patient's complaint.

Osteopath will assess the spine, joints, muscles and tendons

First appointment structural examination

Osteopaths are highly trained to manually locate points of restriction or excessive strain in various parts of the body. Using a finely tuned sense of touch or palpation, the osteopath will assess the spine, joints, muscles and tendons

More about How Osteopathy to Diagnose

After careful examination an osteopathic doctor suggests appropriate osteopathic treatments and techniques which include:

These osteopathic treatments are used in various combinations different kind of complementary medicine treatments such as

All treatment programs are highly individualised and depend on the patient's current condition, past history, and ability to adapt to change

Discuss a treatment program

Treatment consists not only of physical therapy but can also include advice on lifestyle, exercise, diet and other approaches such as colon cleansing treatment, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and ultra sound.

Osteopath first appointment takes around 45 minutes to complete
If extra time is needed for your initial consultation we will arrange this at no extra charge.

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The Principal of Clinic

Dr. Liudmila Beskova

The principal of our clinic Dr. Liudmila Beskova • Specializes in cranial, visceral and structural osteopathy
• Believes that given the right conditions, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself

Please follow with Liudmila's blog "Formula of Health"

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Treatment for spine, back, neck, lower back pain, headache and many other body dysfunction Problems in the musculo-skeletal system can disturb the circulation and nerve supply to any part of the body and affect any aspect of health.

Scoliosis Treatment Plan Posture correction affects:
• The elimination of thoracic blocking • Putting structural, visceral and cranial organs in their anatomical position • Putting shoulder blades in their anatomical position.

The Most Effective Human Parasites Cleansing Program includes a series of five different treatments that are necessary components to achieve goals.

Osteopathic treatment for Prostate diseases can be considered a genuine alternative to the conventional treatment of chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Colon Hydrotherapy and Visceral Massage Package